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The First Shield Machine of XGMA-CREC Officially Rolled Off the Production Line

The First Shield Machine of XGMA-CREC Officially Rolled Off the Production Line

The first XGMA-CREC shield machine is 6.45m in diameter, 86m in length, over 500 tons in weight and with more than 1800KW of total power. It’s specially made for Xiamen Subway Line No. 1 and the key equipment in boosting Xiamen subway construction.

This “big guy” was designed since the end of October last year, put in assembly line in March this year and finished in April. Only for 7 months, XGMA-CREC has overcome many difficulties like short producing period, short personnel and crossing work between systems, finished the whole process, including workshop infrastructure construction, product design & research, production facilities assembly and production debugging, in such unbelievable speed. According to the working staff, using this kind of shield machine in tunnel construction can be more automatic and realize tunneling in one time. It can save man power, speed up the construction regardless of climate influence and control the ground subsidence during drilling. It is an advanced method of construction.

The no. 001 XGMA-CREC shield machine was purchased by China Railway No. 17 Bureau Corporation that is charge of Xiamen subway construction. To ensure the high applicability and reliability of the shield machine, the technical staff of XGMA-CREC conducted many times of field study and thorough geological survey, especially against the multiple geological conditions in sectional full face like slightly weathered granite, mixed rock layer, soft upper layer & rigid lower layer (bedrock bulge or transition area of soft and rigid layer) and spherical weathering rock layer, worked out matching plans, based on principles of versatility, being targeted, reliability and technical economics, in order to ensure the working stability and excavating speed of the shield machine.
To make sure the project goes smoothly, XGMA-CREC already made detailed construction period plan in preliminary preparation, set up a project management team and built sound quality control system to make real-time supervision of design and manufacturing, to guarantee the progress and quality. Meanwhile, to make sure the working site assembly, debugging and excavating are carried out smoothly, XGMA-CREC intensified the technical service support, assisting the project by high speed, high flexibility, high efficiency and high reliability, worked hard to better serve customers’ needs by high quality, high credit and cost performance.
Shield machine is now widely used in subway, highway tunnel, railway tunnel, water & electricity tunnel and municipal public tunnel construction. During 12th 5-year plan, shield machine is high needed in construction of railway tunnels, diversion project, highway (cross-river) tunnels, city pipeline construction and city rail transit management. The great market prospects provide good opportunity for TBM/shield machine industrialization.

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