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XGMA Won 10 Million Dollars Order in Construction Expo

On 5 June, XGMA displayed our new products at CONSTRUCTION EXPO held in Brazil with its booth over 1200 square meters. The EXPO was established in 2011 by the largest construction machinery sponsor in Brazil - Brazil Equipment and Maintenance Association. As the sister ship of Brazil M&T, it is known as a leading construction machinery expo this year in Brazil market that attracts many leading construction machinery companies and a lot of clients with strong buying power in the industry.

In this EXPO, XGMA focused on our competitive products and accompanied newproducts and hit products, including XG918 mini loader, XG935H loader, XG958Hloader, XG808 excavator, XG815LC excavator, XG822LC excavator, XG6121 roller, XG31802 grader, XG530-DT2 forklift, XG3080 skid loader, as well as core parts such as engines, transmission gears and drive axles.

Among them, new loaders, designed by integratingadvantages of previous generations of loaders and based on collected marketfeedbacks to completely improve its performance, were considered a greatachievement of XGMA as result of our technological change over years.

H series are full-range products covering 3 ton to 8 ton,and XGMA is one of the most comprehensive manufacturers having the coverage;for 5T series, short wheel base, medium wheel base and long wheel base areused, improving hit products precisely, carefully, and superiorly:XGMA-patented equivalent tandem pump flow convergent/divergent & steeringpriority unloading hydraulic system provides better power performance, ensuringhigh-efficiency operation and energy-saving feature; XGMA is the onlymanufacturer engaging in mass production of CNG and LNG-powered loadersworldwide, and by focusing on markets rich in natural gas resources, so far,several loaders have been sold in the Southeast Asia region and worked in agood condition.

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