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25-Year Dedication in Scientific Exploration, XGMA is Awarded with National Honor

On April 24, the commendation activity for advanced group and individual of China’s polar exploration was held jointly by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China and State Oceanic Administration, People’s Republic of China in Beijing. Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “XGMA”) was awarded as the “Advanced Group of China’s Polar Exploration” on account of its outstanding contributions for China’s polar exploration career for 25 years. Meanwhile, Xu Xingsheng, Mechanician of XGMA, was granted the honor of “Advanced Individual of China’s Polar exploration”. 

This is an important time to witness the breakthrough development of China’s polar exploration!
XGMA has made great efforts to China’s polar exploration career for more than 25 years. As China’s first construction machinery national brand in south-polar exploration career, since 1992, XGMA has provided more than 10 XGMA loaders, excavators, forklifts and other mechanical equipment. Meanwhile, XGMA has emerged number of technical backbones, represented by Gai Junxian, Xu Xingsheng, Chen Yuanrong, Dai Weisheng, Chen Yaowen, Wang Ronghui, and Lai Yuzhao. These technical backbones have practical working style and strong technology, and their efforts and contribution are worthy to be remembered forever.

Responsible Dedicated to Polar scientific exploration for 25 years!
For 25 years, the excellent performance quality, comprehensive logistical support and superior adaptive capacity to environment of XGMA product, and the brilliant technique, responsible spirit as well as cautious efforts of XGMA machinists have given strong support to XGMA so as to complete every scientific exploration task in the polar region, which also made XGMA the most believed national construction machinery brand by Chinese polar region investigation team. XGMA product was awarded the titled of “Exclusive and Dedicated Product for China’s North & South Poles Investigation” and XGMA’s machinist was also awarded as the advanced individual of China’s Antarctic scientific exploration. 

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