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Seize every minute and strive in the first quarter

Seize every minute and strive in the first quarter

30 XGMA pavement construction machines were lined up and successfully delivered to the Philippine government in Manila, Philippines on March 2, 2020. The delivery ceremony was held at the moment when COVID-19 was sweeping across the globe, so it attracted wide attention in the industry, which fully demonstrated XGMA’s efforts in “work resumption and epidemic prevention” and boosted the morale of “striving in the first quarter”.

Confronted with delayed work resumption, delayed release of industry needs and market depression due to COVID-19, Xiamen XGMA International Trade Co., Ltd. (XGMA International Trade) has still achieved business growth, a steady flow of news of victories in international marketing and inspiring business performance in the adverse market situations as at the end of this March. XGMA International Trade fully resumed business on February 10. With exceptional measures at harsh times, XGMA International Trade spared no efforts to coordinate plans, production and distributors, secure production, delivery and market exploration and make every endeavor to fulfill work resumption and epidemic prevention on the precondition of carrying out strict requirements on epidemic prevention by Xiamen government, CCRE Group and XGMA during the outbreak of COVID-19. The overseas marketing team took extraordinary steps to obtain big orders one after another, and XGMA International Trade successfully won overseas orders including almost 400 machines amounting to USD 15 million in the first quarter.

XGMA International Trade successfully delivered hundreds of machines in the overseas orders and completed tasks in the quarterly budget in terms of quality and quantity in the first quarter by the advantage of Port of Xiamen and total employee participation; high-quality development in quantities, revenue, payment collection and other aspects was achieved. The overseas business performance of XGMA International Trade in the first quarter laid a solid foundation for international sales of the whole year as the brand influence of “XGMA” kept restoring and increasing.

XGMA International Trade has always proactively fulfilled its social responsibilities. There has been an outbreak of COVID-19 abroad since the middle of this March, and XGMA International Trade has paid close attention to the development trend of COVID-19 overseas, maintained close communication with customers and efficiently mobilized resources for support. At present, XGMA International Trade has delivered various face masks urgently needed by overseas customers to satisfy the most urgent needs of local employees and personnel concerned, and subsequently our support to customers will be further strengthened.

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