Product Info

Bucket Capacity: 3m3 Operating Weight: 15700kg Rated Power: 162kw


1.XG958i is Chinese first Intelligent wheel loader with proprietary intellectual property rights.

2.XGJE electronic intelligent system adopts international advanced military aviation electro-hydraulic integrated control, the technology of internet of things, including redundancy digital controller, electronic control engine, pump, valve, handle and food padel. Etc.

3.Compared with international mainstream hydraulic control system, the new electric control system has remarkable energy saving performance. The standardized valve parts are highly universal which can meet all kinds of construction machinery application. The software can compensate the hardware and reduce the machining accuracy and technological requirements, also improve the working efficiency. The main parts adopt the light-weight material which greatly reduced the production cost.

4.The industrialization of XGMA Intelligent product brings milestone change for Chinese construction machinery industry, and helps to improve operation efficiency of manufacturing enterprise and customers, also drives China from high-end equipment manufacturing country into a powerful manufacturing country.

5.The XGJE Intelligent system is highly efficient and safe with great assisting and matching which can effectively reduce the personal injury and damage. The disaster relief cost will also be greatly reduced. The machine can be widely used for emergency relief of fire control, communication and armed police department, and for daily operation in dangerous working condition such as high temperature, severely cold, highly dusty, radiation, hazardous chemicals, mining and unstable geology.